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The Pathfinder Of The Seas - 1632 Words

When people go on cruise trips, they intend to enjoy their time off to experience the sights and sounds of the open sea. In Annie Dillard’s Mornings Like This, she includes in her collection of found poems a poem that instills a similar sense of imagery that one would experience by the ocean. Her found poem, called â€Å"The Pathfinder of the Seas,† includes a variety of words and sentences that relate to sailing in the sea. She extracted them from other literature related to scientific research of the sky and the sea. The author brings together these distinct elements and structures them in a poem. By giving them a new home, she subsequently gives the work a new meaning. Dillard aims for the reader to find a new perspective on life through the†¦show more content†¦It does this by pointing out that a limit on the expansion of thought, whether mentally or spiritually, does not exist. The style of syntax she uses when constructing the found poem supports the effi cacy to getting her message through to the reader. The structure of her poem leads the reader towards her goal of understanding the process of expanding their mind. The main body of the poem, excluding the first and last stanza, can be dissected into three consecutive distinct parts: commands, observations, and questions the author provides. The poem first introduces observations and follows with the metaphysical question: â€Å"And why have not / The currents of the sea worn away its bottom?† (Dillard 7). This first stanza serves as a signpost to how Dillard structured the rest of the poem, and it gives the reader a vignette of what will come after. After that stanza, Dillard provides four commands concerning interacting the sky and the sea. This begins the path she sets out for the reader. After presenting the commands, Dillard moves on to provide descriptions about the skies and seas, including observations such as the â€Å"Aurora Borealis† and â€Å"the height an d velocity of waves.† She finally concludes the path she set for the reader with yet another metaphysical question: â€Å"If the water which now lies on the floor / Of the deep sea has to lie there forever, / Why was it made fluid instead of solid?† The final stanza of the poem serves as a reminder of the path theShow MoreRelatedThe Pathfinder Of The Seas1674 Words   |  7 Pagesto experience the sights and sounds of the open sea. In Annie Dillard’s Mornings Like This, she includes in her collection of found poems a poem that instills a similar vivid sense of imagery that one would experience by the ocean. Her found poem, called â€Å"The Pathfinder of the Seas,† includes a variety of words and sentences that relate to sailing in the sea. They were extracted from other books related to scientific research of the sky and the sea. The author brings together these distinct elementsRead MorePathfinders: A Global History of Exploration by Felipe Fernandez-Arm esto1063 Words   |  5 Pagestell--the story of how humans diverged over many millenia, and the story of how they later re-converged, lac[ing] the world together with routes of contact. Pathfinders: A Global History of Exploration by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto chronicles human exploration throughout history beginning with the peopling of the earth through the earliest pathfinders and continuing up to the near-present age of globalization. Felipe Fernà ¡ndez-Armesto is an historian and the William P. Reynolds Professor of History atRead MoreThe Shakespearean Sonnet Essay639 Words   |  3 Pagesover half of the marriages ending in divorce. Metaphorically, Shakespeare compares love to a motionless pathfinder which withstands the storm and is not swayed by it, and to a polestar which guides mariners at sea. The ship tossed in the storm, and the star that guides its way are images of great beauty and depth of feeling. The lost ship speaks to each and every individual lost in the sea of our own emotions. The star can be thought of in the astronomical as well as the astrological or metaphysicalRead MoreShamhat and Siduri Essay584 Words   |  3 PagesShamhat. The impact of those few days with Shamhat was very vast and it, virtually, made him a human being from the animal that he was. She made him eligible to go to Gilgamesh and be his soul brother. Gilgamesh met Siduri in her cottage by the sea on his journey to find Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh was devastated by Enkidus death. The immense grief and excruciating pain and also fear for death, that it caused to him had made him eager to seek immortality. Gilgamesh met Siduri in a very delicate stateRead MoreD Day During World War II1556 Words   |  7 Pageswas one of the most important things for the landings on the beaches. Eisenhower actually scheduled the invasion for June 5th, but had to call it off because of weather conditions. Eisenhower needed low tides, light winds, little cloud cover, and low seas for the invasion. The low tides were for the boats so they could hit land before the obstacles were placed. The light winds and little cloud cover played a major part. Light winds so that the ships missiles would not be blown off course and littleRead MoreThe Difference of Warfare between World War 1 and World War 21009 Words   |  5 PagesWar. The U.S. Navy linking with the Roy al Navy played a significant role in overcoming the German U-boats in the North Atlantic. The Germany Navy while technically effective disastrously diminished the German war effort. Germanys building of a High Seas Fleet was one of the causes that public view on Britain turned against Germany and that Britain come unto the War. Yet, the small U-boat fleet, showed a key competition to the British. In the early war, U-boats drowned three British cruisers, shockingRead MoreBlack Catholic Worship On The Sacred Liturgy1252 Words   |  6 Pagespriest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, who received a 10-minute ovation. Fr. Rivers pioneered what he termed â€Å"Soulfull Worship† and soon was joined by other composers and choir directors to bring a new musical wind into Catholic rites. These pathfinders showed how prayer in African American congregations could be both authentically Catholic and Black – by deftly blending traditional hymns and Gregorian chant with Spirituals , Gospel, and jazz as well as new compositions written expressly for CatholicRead MoreThe Oil Embargo of 1972-19731247 Words   |  5 Pagessuch a move, the leader thought that hed give an economic independence to his country. This move made by the patriarch of Nasserism caused retaliation from 3 military forces: the British, the French and the Israeli. On the other side of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia saw all that was happening with its neighbor. During the 1956 crisis, the Saudis decided to block all exportation to Britain and France but avoided cutting its oil production. From a political perspective, the 1956 crisis was both aRead MoreThe Battle Of Normandy And World War II1286 Words   |  6 Pagesthey were assigned on D-Day (Ambrose 145-147). The Allies did indeed put a huge effort into their training, for Stephen E Ambrose writes â€Å"No matter how brilliant the plan, no matter how effective the deception, no matter how intense the preinvasion sea and air bombardment, Ov erlord would fail if the assault squads did not advance.† (Ambrose 133). The Allies had begun loading their equipment on May 31, 1944, with plans to launch Operation Overlord on June 5(Ambrose 173). With countless months of planningRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1827 Words   |  8 Pagesso attentive and full of life that Carraway doubts he will ever find it †in any other person and†¦is not likely [to] ever [be found] again† (2). When Carraway first met Gatsby, the latter was shrouded with mystery, as he looked longingly across the sea. Comparable to an â€Å"intricate machine that registers earthquakes ten thousand miles away,† Gatsby does not follow the populace in that he radiates a sense of hope that is uncommon, if not rare, amongst the crowd of disillusioned people (2). †¢ Tom Buchanan—

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Police Brutality And Racial Profiling Essay - 2484 Words

Police Brutality and Racial Profiling Police Brutality is defined as the use of excessive force by police officers when they encounter civilians. Police officers are defined as people who are responsible for the prevention of crime. Brutality is defined as, â€Å"savage, physical violence.† Police brutality has been alive and well for many years, but a majority of the cases had been recently. Dating back to the times of the Civil Rights Movement and even before, minorities have been treated with little to know respect by police officers. Racial Profiling is defined as, the act of suspecting or targeting a race based on a preconceived idea or notion. Police brutality and racial profiling are more prevalent among minorities than non-minorities because of stereotypes they have place on minorities. Cases of police brutality and racial profiling have surfaced all across the United States. The most recent case that took the world by notice was when Philando Castile was shot and killed in St. Anthony, Minnesota. During a traffic stop, he was shot by a police officer named Jeronimo Yanez. While stopped, Castile told the police officer that he had a gun with him and that he was licensed to carry the gun. The officer told him Castile not to move and as he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot Philando Castile in the arm four to five times. Now, that is just one case where an innocent civilian has been killed by a police officer. Every police officer is not bad, but some ofShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality And Racial Profiling1343 Words   |  6 PagesThe use of police brutality and racial profiling is an unfortunate part of today’s society that needs to be addressed. Blacks are being stopped and searched by police officers in greater numbers compared to other races, and sometimes these situations escalate into violence. In the essay Blue On Black Violence: Freddie Gray, Baltimore, South Africa, the Quietism of Africana Christian Theology, author Darryl Scriven, a Philosophy professor at Florida AM University, reports that, â€Å"CNN reported thatRead MorePolice Brutality And Racial Profiling1902 Words   |  8 PagesPolice brutality refers to the intentional utilization of vituperations or extortionate force directed towards a country s citizens by the police force. This extortionate force may be physical or in form of psychological dauntingness. Police brutality is highly evident in many countries all over the world especially in the news where such cases are reported. It is optically discerned as a form of police malfeasance which involves sexual abuse, police corruption, erroneous apprehends, racial profilingRead MorePolice Brutality And Racial Profiling1868 Words   |  8 Pagesoften these days. Police Brutality and racial profiling. As a white male, someone who is a criminal justice major in hopes of eventually becoming some type of law enforcement for my career later in life, you may ask why I even care about this issue since it isn’t necessarily affecting my life directly. My response is simple, I am tired of seeing the hashtags behind these deaths and one death from police brutality is already too many. Everyone sees the subject of police brutality as something thatRead MoreThe Conflict Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling858 Words   |  4 Pagesprominent conflict of African American males and police officials in Western nations, focusing directly on the American South. In the late 1920’s African Americans in the U.S.A, were hopeful that their struggle against racism was nearing a successful conclusion with the start of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). For many years, especially for people not of colour, racism, racial discrimination and police brutality were â€Å"hidden† from the mainstream media. ThoughRead MorePolice Brutality Based On Racial Profiling1682 Words   |  7 Pagesothers; violence and brutality against innocent citizens is the key to getting the job done. For years, minorities have fallen victim to police brutality based on racial profiling, stereotypes and other unjustifiable reasons that has cost severa l innocent lives. The involvement of officers in police brutality against minority social groups causes tainted and negative views on policing and their overall duty to protect, when they are ultimately the aggressors in this case. Police brutality is a violent incidentRead MorePolice Brutality Of African Americans1405 Words   |  6 Pagesyears police brutality towards African Americans has increased. This violence has resulted in riots across the United States. The August 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri many Americans, some who are former Civil Rights activists, have spoken out against police brutality. Black Lives Matter states that the movement’s goal is to bring justice to the present unjust police killings of African Americans. Looking at prior cases of brutality and its connection to racial profiling, suchRead MorePolice Brutality Racism1340 Words   |  6 PagesPolice brutality in America has been known to put fear in the lives of many Americans. Although police brutality is played out across all avenues of the media and many people see this happening, it yet does not change the fact that racism still exists in the justice system of America. People in positions of power yet have not done anything to rectify the situation and this has lead to the rise of â€Å"Black Lives Matter† movement. Numerous opportunities have been presented to officials to speak up aboutRead MorePolice Brutality1519 Words   |  7 Pagespeople have endured violence in many different ways. Today, police officers use deadly, excessive force that leads to inexcusable assaults, beatings and shootings. This demonstrates the governmentÐ ¢s role in initiating and prolonging racial suppression and provides the explanation for police brutality to become a federal crime(Black Radical Congress, 3). In history, racist violence, police brutality, has been used to suppress the racial blacks and to preserve power and privileges for the white raceRead MoreB lack Lives Matter Is An International Activist Movement1693 Words   |  7 Pagescorrelates to many topics such as police brutality, racial profiling, racism, segregation, discrimination etc. â€Å"Racial Profiling† refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials that targets individuals on suspicion of crime based on an individual s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin (â€Å"Racial Profiling: Definition†). Although this topic affects a wide array of communities it still pertains to citizens of color.Citizens rely on the police to protect them from any harm orRead MorePolice Brutality1314 Words   |  6 Pages Police brutality Those of the minority community have been subjected, for many decades, to violence by those in law enforcement in the United States. This type of violence is a direct depiction of police brutality, which often leads to death. Police brutality has been an issue for many years, and it remains a major concern for those of the minority community. Over the past five centuries, black people have endured violence in many different ways. Today, police officers use deadly, excessive force

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Democracy Free Essays

Democracy Democracy has become a dominant form of the government, that using in many countries. Democracy is a government form, which is the citizen should have a decision to vote their leader directly for their own country or elect the leader for the other problems. Democracy can develop it, if the majority and the minority party or the association willing works together. We will write a custom essay sample on Democracy or any similar topic only for you Order Now Which is everybody can talk and have an opinion, than will put the all idea together and take a better decision for the problem. With democracy form, the one elected leader will work as maximum as possible for the citizens. Than the citizens can see and make a decision about what the elected leader have done to the country and also they have elected the right or wrong leader. Democracy is based on the concept, that everybody in the world is the same, no matter what they are a president or a king. In democracy also have no different between how people look like. For example: White and black, lower class and middle class. Furthermore, not everybody have an equal physically or mentally. The important thing, democracy is all human being have equality. In democracy have an important concept. The first concept is all of the citizens that living in one country, that should be equal, which have an idea and an opinion than issues to the public. The important thing, while elect the candidates for the country leader, that everybody needs to listen to the candidates because the candidates have a different ideas and plans to what they will do for the country. The candidates also need a concept of equality to speech in front all of country citizen, which will vote for the election about what their plans for the future, if they win as a country leader. Even though, the citizens divide to a different side of parties. The United State of America is using the democracy form. Four years ago, Barrack Obama won the election from John McCain as a 44th president of the United State of America, which was using a democracy form. For the 2012 president election, which Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney were candidates for the president and won by Obama. That is one of example for the democracy form. All American citizen need to participate in the election because all of them are important. They have a better decision to vote and make a difference between both of presidential candidates for the next four years for America. The second concept, the citizens, the government and the candidates should be freedom. This democracy concept is based on equality concept because with freedom people will free to have and issues the idea and opinion to the public and the people also should be listening to each other. Than combine the ideas and opinion and take a good decision, which is can keep a good name of the country. â€Å"Democracy depends on citizen participation in all these ways. But participation must be peaceful, respectful of the law, and tolerant of the different views of other groups and individuals. † Even though the democracy concept is freedom and equality, but without participation of citizen, the democracy form cannot work. The country needs a citizen to participate and also need respect for the law. The concept of freedom is not about the citizen become a totally free under the government. That problem can only become an anarchy, where have no government to control the country. The citizens are totally free from everything; they can do what ever they like. For Example: The country has a corruption, everywhere people are poor people and many of them become a murderer to get money, in order to survive their self. Hereafter, the freedom concept has free to choose any religion, to worship and to practice the religion. Further, also free develop their own culture; teach the culture to each other. Democracy also allows the people move from the country. Furthermore, democracy is the system that follows the rule. â€Å"The rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of government. With having a rule of law, the country can be affordable because everything is safe; they have a right of citizen. Everybody who life in a democracy forms that will be equal to each other because the citizens live under the law. With the law people cannot do what ever they like because they will get no excuse for it. For example: One of the government official grafts the money from one of the project. That is a big problem beca use he or she is breaking the rule of law in democracy form. The sanction at least the government official will go to the jail. For Example: Indonesia, if the government Official and a businessman have a problem with to the government or to other problem, and also corruption, will have a decision to go to the jail. Forward, all of citizens and government have equality under the law. â€Å"No one may be taxed or prosecuted except by a law established in advance. † In democracy country, no one can live without the law, because everybody in one country is all the citizen of the country. Than the citizen cannot make any changes for the law, even for the president cannot break the law because law is established and adhered to. The form of democracy is very good to use in the government. The citizen will have a freedom to chose the country leader, which is they have time to decision and also make it a different for the country, also for their self. Everybody in democracy form always have to get equality between the citizen and the government. The citizen who have an ideas or opinion and can issue their opinion to the government, which is can make any change for the country and help the people in the country. The democracy can make the government easier to control the citizen and the country because the people are obedient against the rule of law. Further, the country is safer from the criminal, from the project corruption and also can help the citizen to improve their self to become a better citizen than useful for the country. Reference: 1. â€Å"What Is Democracy? † What Is Democracy? Web. 09 Nov. 2012. http://www. stanford. edu/~ldiamond/iraq/WhaIsDemocracy012004. htm. 2. Grigsby, Ellen. Analyzing Politics. 4th ed. How to cite Democracy, Papers Democracy Free Essays Etymologically, democracy comes from two Greek words, demos and cratein. Demos means society while cratein means authority. There are many terminological definitions of democracy, one of it is definition is by Henry B. We will write a custom essay sample on Democracy or any similar topic only for you Order Now Mayo stating that democracy is a political system showing the public policy determined by representatives audited effectively by the society by having periodic elections based on principles of political similarities in a situation where there is freedom to choose.This means that the government has to accept opinions and critics from the society and no right to interfere with non-formal democracy facilities, also the freedom of speech and media. Democracy has its three roles, to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people; †¢A valid government is an approved government that has the support of majority of the people through elections. †¢Government’s authority has to be upon the people not from the elite personal and bureaucracy drive. †¢Government’s authority has to be established by the basis the people’s needs Democracy: Norms of CoexistenceThere are six norms for a democratic society, which are: 1. Realization of pluralism T he acknowledgement of differences has to be acted to appreciate different perspectives, shrinking any acts of supremacy of the majorities and tyranny of the minorities. 2. Discussions Having diplomatic and mature citizens who can accept negotiations and compromises socially or politically with no hard feelings on every decisions made 3. To gain has to be in sync with the goal It is not enough to apply democracy on elections and such, but there has be morals and with no need for threats and enforcements 4.Norm of honesty and agreements Mastering the art of discussions to be honest and transparent, giving a win-win situation for all 5. Freedom of conscience and egalitarianism This norm will develop greatly if assumed positively, if not, it will show the potential of being secretive and misunderstanding 6. Trial and error Democracy needs experiments and participation of the people in order to have the maximal achievement of this norm Democracy is not a one-day process that can be gained in a short time. It is a long and risky journey to reach the topia of democracy and patience is the key for achieving it. . History of Democracy Democracy was first started in Greece on the 6th century B. C until the 4th century A. D. It was once a system where it is the people’s right to decide on politics, however the system was biased because the haves were dominating. Then, in the medieval times, democracy strikes again when Magna Charta was born in England, stating that the King’s authority was limited and the people’s rights were more important than the King’s. The great era of Renaissance, which means rebirth in French, sparked more democracy in Europe. After Renaissance, the Reformation Movement, which is the revolution of religion in the 16th century, revived democracy after its defeat in the medieval times. Martin Luther King was one of the critics fighting against the churches and absolutism, he stated that rationalities are based on the natural law and social contract.. Social contract, defined by Montesquieu, is the main system which guarantees political rights through trias politica, which is the division of authority: legislative, executive and judicative.All this centuries of democracy resurgences is to obtain the welfare state. Democracy in Indonesia 1. 1945-1959 Known as the Parliamentary Democracy, it is not suitable for Indonesia with its lack of democracy background, giving the chance for political parties to dominate socio-politic life. This furthers the fragmentation of politic derived from stereotypes of ethnics and religion. 2. 1959-1965 Named as Guided Democracy, known for its domination from the president and the outbreak of communism and military role in the national politics.The main flaw of this democracy is the absolutism and centralization of authority for the president causing loss of social control and check balance from legislatives towards executives. 3. New Order (1965-1998) The New Order was started in the Soeharto era, a solution for adjusting the deviation of the UUD 1945 from the previous system. It is believed to aid the achievement of the 3 goals, to enforce and validate the principles of law of the state, having a adequate economical life for each individuals, and protecting the human rights and justice. However, this order starts new problems such as the domination of military forces, bureaucracy of decision arrangements, elimination and of the roles of political parties, government’s interference to political parties, monotilized ideology of nation, in cooperation of non-government institutions 4. Post-New Order (1998-present) The Reformation era is usually connected to the movement of reformed society demanding democracy and human rights. Reformation started at Mei 1998 when Soeharto resigns, leaving the society no responsiveness towards Pancasila.This is the type of democracy which has no strings attached, where the rights of each individual is the main component in the mechanism of a democratic regime. Elements of Democracy 1. The Rule of Law and Rechtsstaat) It is defined as a state giving law protection for the people through fair and open justice institutions, also guaranteeing human rights of the individuals. Rechtsstaat has the concept of having security for human ri ghts, divisions for state authorities, government based on the law and justification of administration. The Rule of Law is known to have supremacy of the rules of law, equality before the law and assurance of human rights 2. Civil Society Civil society is an open society, having equal of obligation and rights and no pressure from the nation. Participation form the society is the significant key for democracy, having the civic engagement in order to help the process of decision makings. 3. Alliance of Strategic Groups This component includes political parties, movement and pressure groups. Political parties are designed to gain authority and rank to accomplish political policies.Movement groups are a group of people assembled in an organization oriented at society’s empowerment. for example Muhammadiyah, Nahdlatul Ulama, Persatuan Islam, Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam, Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasionalis Indonesia and etc. Last but not least, the pressure groups are the organization based on a interest criteria, for example Ikatan Dokter Indonesia, Asosiasi Ilmuwan Politik Indonesia and so on. These three groups have an important role towards democracy, increasing the critical minds, independence, constitutional in stating the mission and importance of each organization.The press and the intellectuals are also a vital essential for democracy, giving a significant application on having a democratic system. Parameters of Democratic Life Democracy isn’t just a dissertation with principles but it has a parameter and surface area which scopes: 1. Election is a process of forming a government, until now election is the most fair and a main instrument in a government replacement 2. Structure of state power is the division and distribution of authority in order to avoid an integrated control in one region or department 3. Society control is the authority relation which goes on symmetrically, has a clear connection and a check and balance mechanism Election and Political Party in a Democratic System Election is a democratic mechanism to decide on the rotation of governance structure where the people are given political rights. It has to be held routinely with a transparent competition between the political parties Political party has an significant role in democracy, as a political structure which gains the authority and political rank. It is also a center of the people’s aspirations.This role is an implementation of values of democracy which consists of people’s participation through society control. There are various systems of parties, such as one party system, two party system and multiparty system. Islam and Democracy There are three views on Islam and democracy: 1. Islam and democracy is two different political system, Islam cannot be subordinated with democracy since Islam is a sel f-sufficient political system 2. Islam is different compared to democracy if the democracy is defined as a procedure understood and practiced in Western countries 3. 3.Islam is a system value which corrects and supports democracy just like the Western countries have There are arguments against the development of democracy in Islam, first, the misunderstood and biased view on democratic practice. Most Muslims consider democracy as something in contradiction of Islam. In order to anticipate this, it is needed to liberate the religious thought to search for consensus and synthesis between Islam and democracy. Secondly, it’s a matter of culture since some Muslims are used to autocracy and absolutism. Lastly, it is said that it is only natural that democracy slows up its development in Islam. How to cite Democracy, Papers

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Supply Chain Management and Lean Production free essay sample

Abstract The system of interconnected businesses used to push a product from supplier to consumer is defined as a supply chain. Supply chain management focuses on managing the supply chain in an effort to improve the quality and time it requires to manufacture a product. In addition to implementing supply chain management, a helpful lean production practice called Just-in-time can be used to remove any waste present along the supply chain. The marriage of lean production and supply chain management creates lean supply chain management, which provides a much leaner and more economical supply chain for the product to flow through. Supply Chain Management and Lean Production Much uncertainty about what supply chain management entails is present in today’s society. Many people treat supply chain management as being synonymous with logistics, which is the management of the flow of goods from the origin to the consumers However, supply chain management encompasses much more than the purchasing or management of goods to the consumer. We will write a custom essay sample on Supply Chain Management and Lean Production or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Supply chain management (SCM), as defined by Lambert (2008), is the management of relationships across the supply chain, which includes a network of interconnected businesses involved in providing a product or service to the consumer. The management of the relationships between businesses on the supply chain is significant to ensure successful and efficient processes are used in providing products and goods to the customer. Definition of Supply Chain Management (SCM) What is a supply chain? A supply chain is defined as a system of organizations, as well as people and information, which are directly involved with the manufacture and delivery of a product (Phelps, Smith, Hoenes, 2004; â€Å"Supply Chain,† 2008). The supply chain includes the transformation of raw materials at the site of the supplier to finished goods that can be used by the consumer, as shown in Figure 1. The path the product travels is similar to that of a river. A river, when properly banked, is flowing in one direction towards a goal (Tompkins, 2000). Mark Twain stated that â€Å"Without banks the river is just a puddle. † A supply chain, like a river, needs communication and integration as its banks to create a force towards the destination, which is the consumer. Without the presence of the banks, the river would go nowhere and therefore be merely a puddle. Effective communication in business relationships that cross over different departments, as displayed by the arrows in Figure 1, is necessary to provide quality products to the consumer. What is supply chain management? Lambert (2004) defines supply chain management as â€Å"the integration of key business processes from the end user through original suppliers than provides products, services, and information that add value for customers and other stakeholders. † An illustration of supply chain management is displayed in Figure 2. This figure represents a basic supply chain network structure, as well as the flow of information and the product. The eight supply chain management processes, which integrate various tasks within the organization across the supply chain, can also be found in Figure 2 (Lambert, 2008). The implementation of the eight supply chain management processes is necessary to manage the relationships between various departments and tasks across the supply chain. Supply chain management is ultimately about the management of relationships within the network of businesses in the supply chain. Lambert (2008) expresses that the management of a supply chain is managed â€Å"link-by-link, relationship-by-relationship, and the organizations that manage these relationships best will win. † Role of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Overview of the role Supply chain management places attention along the entire supply chain, from raw materials at the supplier to finished goods in the hands of the customer. One role that supply chain management plays within a company is producing more efficient, quality products, which creates a competitive advantage among other companies. Today, management of the supply chain can be completed through the use of supply chain management software, such as E2Open. Supply chain management allows a company to document and track data pertaining to the supply chain. Benefits of the supply chain management Supply chain management places importance on managing the customer relationship, as well as the supplier relationship. By effectively managing these relationships, the company can become more competitive, while increasing the quality of the product to the customer. Placing emphasis on the supplier relationship and the businesses along the supply chain increases product efficiency and quality. The importance placed on the customer relationship focuses on the demands and needs of the customer. Through effective communication within the relationships along the supply chain, a basic balance of supply and demand is established.

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Legalizing Prostitution

Legalizing Prostitution There is no profession in this world that has lasted longer than prostitution- the selling of sexual services. Despite the age of this field, there is a lot of controversy over whether it should be legal or if it is even morally correct to do. There are places all over the world where prostitution is legal, but in the United States only two of the fifty states have legalized it-Rhode Island and Nevada. But there is a lot of evidence to suggest that Prostitution should be legalized in all fifty states because it is a perfectly legal and beneficial career.One argument against legalizing prostitution is that it would cause an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. This is actually false if the proper standards are taken. Should prostitution be legalized, there would be regulations in place to make sure all prostitutes are clean and free of any diseases. According to STD Advisor Richard Steen, legalizing prostitution would actually cause a decrease in disease spread.English: Prostitu tion in Africa"In Kenya, where the importance of chancroid in HIV transmission was first described in the late 1980s, interventions targeting sex workers and STD patients were implemented. Reported condom use by sex workers has since increased to over 80% in project areas and the incidence of genital ulcers has declined." (Steen, 2001) If prostitution were to be legalized, the government could quickly put standards in place to ensure that all registered sex workers are not disease ridden, and the ones that are will not be allowed to practice their service.Another argument against the legalization of prostitution is that it's morally incorrect. But who determines what our morals are but us? The Constitution of the United States was formed off the basis of a multitude of freedoms guaranteed to all of its citizens. Is a woman selling...

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Affordable MCAT Prep For The Not-So-Rich

Affordable MCAT Prep For The Not-So-Rich Not everyone is born with a silver spoon hanging out of his or her mouth. For those of us with less than a million bucks in our bank accounts, MCAT prep can seem really, really pricey. In fact, some MCAT prep courses and tutoring packages are $9,000 and higher, which is a price that can be virtually unattainable for the average Jane or Joe. But, that doesnt mean that you cant get quality MCAT prep at a lower rate. Affordable, quality MCAT prep exists; you just have to know where to look. Check out the MCAT prep options below that promise not to break the bank. In this age of online practice and multitudes of test prep companies, you should not have to  decide between paying your rent and paying for quality test prep for this exclusive test. Dr. Flowers MCAT Prep Dr. James Flowers, a Harvard-educated medical doctor, created this test prep company after writing his own test prep manual in the 70s. Since then, hes co-authored many MCAT test prep books with The Princeton Review and has helped thousands get the scores they want on the MCAT. The Dr. Flowers MCAT prep company offers comprehensive, 12-week courses online starting at just $589. Compared to the bigger test prep companies, this is a steal of a deal, especially because the test prep comes with an extraordinary guarantee, too: score higher than a 508 on the MCAT after completing one of the 16-week courses or you get DOUBLE your money back. Since a 508 is above the national average by 8 points, this could be a tough promise to keep if the program did not work. Khan Academy The Khan Academy is well-known for partnering with the makers of standardized tests to provide free test prep for anyone who wants it. Their mission is for all people should have access to all test prep, so the playing field is equalized monetarily. For the time being, theyre on track with their goal. The MCAT prep offered through Khan Academy isnt just affordable; its free. They offer videos and practice questions on all four MCAT test sections and the Foundational Concepts of the science sections, so you can get some practice and explanations prior to test day. Although this test prep isnt completely comprehensive, its an amazing, free resource for those who may think all online options are too pricey. Princeton Review Although some of the MCAT courses through the Princeton Review are crazy expensive –the Immersion class was, at press time, more than $9,000 – they do have some very affordable options, too, for people who would rather feed a family of five for half the year than buy a test prep course. The Princeton Review MCAT book set is only around $125 and comes with three full MCAT practice tests. The bundle is very highly reviewed on, and it should be. The Princeton Review continuously puts out test prep materials of the highest quality, even if the versions vary little from year to year. If you dont want to purchase the books because you have another prep option, they also offer a single free MCAT practice test online even without the purchase of a test prep book. BenchPrep At press time, BenchPrep offered 1,441 MCAT practice questions, 20 quizzes, 692 lessons, and 953 flashcards for  free  for seven days. After your trial period ends, you get charged $25 per month for access to this content. And the content on here is really good, too. The interface is engaging, the games are unique, and the program is adaptive. As you progress through the study program, the more you excel in one area, the more that section will phase out. Likewise, your weaker areas will get more focused study. Reviewers give BenchPreps MCAT program five stars across the board for being user-friendly and thorough.   AAMC Appropriately enough, you can find affordable MCAT prep through the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), itself. The MCAT prep bundle includes books, flashcards, and access to the AAMC online test prep portion (e-MCAT) for $196 at press time. In addition, you can take a free, comprehensive MCAT practice test without buying anything at all through the site. Want an even better bonus? At the beginning of the MCAT practice tests, you can complete a tutorial that shows you the ins and outs of taking the MCAT test. Its great to get a little something for nothing at all.   NextStep Test Prep If youre looking for affordable MCAT practice tests only - youve already purchased the test prep books, signed up for MCAT courses, or downloaded the apps - then NextStep test prep has some great MCAT practice options at pretty fabulous prices. At press time, you could purchase a six-month access pass to ten MCAT practice tests with explanations and free 1/2 test diagnostic for just $249. Thats an incredible deal if youre looking for quality MCAT tests! If youre not interested in so many practice tests, then they also offer four and six test bundles for $99 and $149 respectively. Considering the quality of the practice tests, this price is right on the money.   All of the MCAT Basics   Interested in finding out more about the MCAT test in general like the test sections, scoring details, registration requirements and concepts tested? Great! You have come to the right place, my friend. Here are some articles to get you started in your quest for all things related to the MCAT.   Test Sections: Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological SystemsCritical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

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Redbox Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

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